octobre 28th, 2015

Shanghai- China, a melting pot of 23 million inhabitants.  A heaven of retail therapy awaits, and when the world’s eyes aren’t on the big four fashion weeks (Milan, Paris, New York and London), regional events in Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai are vying for attention. Each city will try to push the frontiers of design and fashion commerce with their respective fashion weeks while attempting to boost their cultural clout. The race to become Asia’s fashion capital is on.

Shanghai, however, is a city where everything seems possible, despite fears of a luxury retail downturn. Native Chinese designers are gaining confidence and traction at home and abroad.  In Shanghai, like many other cities, it’s not just about the shows, but the showrooms.  OnTime Trade Show had found beautiful space in a finished but not quite ready mall.  No stores, only space.  This is where we would occupy our time for Fashion Week.  This is where contracts were signed, orders were placed and the real business took place. The range this season was vast, from small, new brands like 1950’s chic Greta Boldini, to high end luxury like Uel Camilo.  This mélange is what we know best at AMF.

Will Shanghai ever make it as a global fashion centre? We believe that it already has. Fashion develops based on the city it lives in, and this city’s distinctive heritage, melting pot of cultures and fast paced creativity already makes it unique. Last year, Shanghai reigned as the fashion capital of Asia, beating out Hong Kong and Tokyo, says, a study done by Global Language Monitor, a US-based firm that analyses trends in word usage, which ranked Shanghai 10th in the world.

AMF for Shanghai Fashion Week.  We’ll see you again in March.


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octobre 27th, 2015

Le sentiment d’évasion nous tous infecte. Parfois, nous devons sortir, partir, ou s’envoler. Cela ne remet pas en cause le fait que vous avez encore besoin d’être habillé. Ici, nous montrons quelques-uns de nos designers. Tourné en une seule prise pendant la pause déjeuner. Son la dichotomie de la main-d’œuvre, nous savons tous si bien.

Vous pouvez voir le film ici : here.








The Glam Kids are Alright

octobre 1st, 2015

I am working on a new film for our next shanghai adventure this October.  Even though it’s Paris Fashion week, we try to be one step ahead of the game.  The game as you might consider is nothing extreme- it’s just more or less the competition and the hustle as you know it.

I styled a few samples for the short film, which will include a mixture of hooliganism and glam street kids.  Subtle luxury is what it’s all about.  Presentation and not preening.  How your clothes fade, and how they wear, and how they develop a natural patina.  It’s all so fun, and it’s all -so glam.

±Sneak Peak±


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