Raquel Cózar is the founder and creative director behind COZARLLADO. The world of aesthetics always interested her, fashion in particular. This passion led her to study Fine Arts and Fashion Design in Madrid, Milan, New York and New Delhi.
Her particular world could be both pink and beige … Pale pink as a symbol of femininity and fantasy, beige as a demonstration of the most understated elegance.

Having presented several collections of clothing and accessories, currently COZARLLADO mate- rializes in exclusive bags. OBJECT-BAGS, handcrafted with the most exquisite skins. She explores and rebels against traditional ways of presenting this accessory. Sensitive moving sculptures, made of fine materials, soft tones and risky volumes.

Designed to tell stories through them, speak of female empowerment, values, relationships, feelings …
Made for a woman who can appreciate the importance of their curves, finishes, textures and unusual shapes. Its beauty lies in its structure and the ideal it represents.

COZARLLADO believes in a natural balanced creative world, still showing the transgressor spirit of its author.

COZARLLADO was born in 2013 as women’s clothing and textile handbags. Later comes leatherwork, luxury and craftsmanship; it turns into an expression of love for handbags made with the utmost care, with the best materials, to provide a personal vision of beauty and style; to express ideas and thoughts related to femininity and spirituality.

COZARLLADO Since 2015 it launches 2 collections per year of three pieces each. They are highly exclusive feminine handbags, made with delicacy, with the best raw materials, looking for the beauty of the object itself.
Collection pieces, with a strong artistic and artisanal load at the same time. Bags made to last generation after generation, like jewels that are inherited.

COZARLLADO works for women with the desire to mature, to fulfil their dreams. Restless, curious, cheerful woman. An awake woman, who’s always looking for the best for herself and the others. A conscious woman who celebrates life and cares about her environment.
A woman who acts, even with a small detail. A woman who is in search of herself, who never stops growing.

Born in Madrid, she graduated in Fine Arts. Fascinated by the world of fashion, she studies in New York (FIT, Parsons), Milan (IED) and Madrid (IED). She works in several fashion companies for ten years (Roberto Torretta, Davidelfín, El Corte Inglés).

In 2006 she goes to live in Ibiza to live more in contact with nature with her two children, where she starts developing her brand of bags and clothes for women.
In 2011 she went to New Delhi to work as a fashion design lecturer. She lived there for 2 amazing years which thought her to appreciate the value of crafts and the importance of knowing yourself.

In 2014, back in Spain, she specializes in leather bags design in Ubrique (Cádiz) with a Masters Course (Pieldesign), endorsed by the Loewe Foundation, the Andalusian Leather Technology Center, MOVEX, and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.