May 10th, 2016

Belo Horizonte, Brazil- With Brazil’s huge domestic market, most of the country’s fashion designers — save, for a few international success stories like Osklen and Carlos Miele — had been quite content to live in their South American bubble. Then while the US, followed by Europe, hit financial meltdown in 2008, Brazil was still sitting pretty on economic growth. Suddenly, all eyes were on a country that, until then, had been largely synonymous with football, bikinis and samba. Suddenly, more emerging Brazilian fashion designers, operating both inside and outside the country, had a tremendous opportunity to be noticed on the global stage.  Then we found Vivaz, which is a classic example of Brazilian dress design, with it’s own capsule collection for AMF showroom, as it emerges it’s way to the global market.

So, while once upon a time, the country was mostly known for its manufacturing capabilities, today, international press and buyers are focusing their attention on Brazil, eager to uncover fresh design talent. “Some people still tend to think of swimwear, but that’s just not the case anymore’ says Allie Mogli, a swimwear expert.  VIvaz has set the trend this season once again.  This time focusing on their prêt à porter, Viva por Vivaz. At the helm, Isabela Faria, the younger sister of Camila Faria at Vivaz. What was great about Viva was it’s freshness —  done in quite a different way. It was like being in Woodstock, and then having your after party at the Fasano in Rio with Marc Jacobs (true story).

As the Brazilian fashion weeks’ editions draw to a close, it is those designers like Isabela  who combine creativity with commercial nous that the global fashion industry should keep a close eye on.