In Paris

November 19th, 2015

Paris, France- The prettiest city in the world, has taken some turbulence in the last few couple of days.  As we continue to press on with our days, returning to “norm”. Paris seems largely unscathed.  What seems seems unchanged admit the chaos, is the city’s fashion direction.  Always subtle and chic, an effortless glam, the french seduction.  We’re big fans.

Url Camilo “bling”.  The ripples of surprise were palpable, and to some extent justified for his Spring Summer 16′ Collection. After all, while he has been working behind the scenes for years, Camilo remains a relative newcomer and the speed with which Uel Camilo has risen from underground commodity to wider notoriety could be read as yet another signal of the dangerously breakneck speed at which the system marches today with its voracious appetite for the new. Yet, it also made for a sudden and very welcome boost of energy here in Paris — the more absurd, even anarchic, the better.

Mélanged in the shot are Isla Fontane earring and Ledaotto jewellery.


Here are a few shots from a rain delay. The full video can be viewed here:


Blurr  copy


TWO TWO  copy





November 3rd, 2015

Store Feature- while on a trip through Doha.

La Boutique Blanche, a 1930’s Art Deco approach and French Feeling.  Led by creative Madam Amal Al-Ameen who has a natural instinct for good taste.  When we walked into the store for the first time we were greeted by a powerful french fragrance (naturally), which was curated exclusively for the store.  Inside, you’ll find a beautiful section of high luxe women’s gowns and accessories.  Notably, our Uel Camilo dresses prominently on display at the forefront of the store in a mix of gold bamboo rods, and art deco stucco plafonds.  This store really captures the imagination, and we support Madame Al-Ameen.

Lastly, in a poetic jumble of geometric cubes, the new Islamic Art Museum times to bring a new avant grade scene to Qatar. Know, as the little brother to Dubai, Qatar is on the booming side of the middle eastern’s growing cities. And with world cup scheduled for summer 2020- this city is a powerhouse in the making.  It’s worth a visit.




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